So I didn't get the Hummingbird done in time for GBWC despite all the late nights. Real life work just got way too intense to keep up the pace. Plus I wasn't completely happy with the state it was in. I didn't feel it was competition ready, so I'm raising the bar for myself on this one.

I still haven't gotten the boosters fully detailed or mounted, for that matter, but they're coming along nicely. That's the next big hurdle.

As you can see I've taken some liberties with the design a bit. I wanted to use the traditional shoulder and upper arm armor as well as change the look of the upper leg to make that armored as well, so if this thing was to get into a fight, a single shot to the arm or leg wouldn't be "lights out" for it.

Still a ton of detail work to do all over. I don't think a single piece is actually finished yet.


September 09 2013 Written by

HGUC 1/144 Zogok photos

Posted up a mix of official pictures and user submitted photos from Futaba on the GunPla.usa facebook page

Some neat gems in there including comparision pictures with other models to get you a good idea of what to expect should you want to get this awesome aquatic brawler.   This picture here is a comparison with the old msv kit released some 30 years ago.




August 30 2013 Written by

Otakon 2013

There were 2 Gundam model related competitions at Otakon, a speed building contest for Super Deformed Kits and also the GunPla Builders World Cup.  Pics of the speed building contest can be found on the facebok page courtesy of Otakon Con Coverage

Otakon was once again a regional site for Bandai's international Gundam model contest, the GunPla Builders World Cup.  Due to some unforseen circumstances, the event had to be moved to the Artist's Alley at the last minute, which had some unfortunate consequences for publicity at the event.  However, no obstacles would deter the competitors and they ventured foward to find the secret table for the modeling contest!   Many of the entries at Otakon were straight builds, but very strong in technical workmanship such as surface preparation (seams, nub removal, mold lines) forcing the judge to focus more on painting technique.  This will be the last time the competion will feature an "Out of Box" category prize.   Winners for the GBWC competition after the jump!  Quick reminder that the online competition at ends Sept 26 and the last Live competition will be at New York Comic-Con in October! Additional photos can be found on our Picasa web page and also our facbeook page


August 27 2013 Written by

1/100 Xeku Zwei Custom

This is something special and exclusive only to CoM


I’ve been noticing a new trend in Gunpla over the past couple of months. It seems that Gundams are growing their heels higher and higher. So much so, it looks like their wearing a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s.

Below are some examples of how this trend is invading the hobby. All of the examples are customized designs by the modeler, of original designs that were originally “flat footed.” The models themselves are fine examples of modeling, but I’m only going to focus on the foot design.


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