1:1 RX-78-2

RX-78-2 Gundam 1-1 Statue - 006.jpg

There were few experiences in my life that have rivaled going and competing in Japan. One of the biggest (pun very much intended) highlights was seeing the 1:1 Gundam in person. 

Diver City, where the statue is located, was a short walk from our hotel on an amazing walkway and over a beautiful bridge. You pass community gardens and the whole experience is just special. Coming up to Diver City you can see Tokyo in the background and rolling mountains behind that. Everything is maintained to the highest level and all's right with the world. The walk almost prepares you for the spectacle of the Gundam. You walk around the mall and you can't see it immediately due to the trees, but as you get closer you start to see it emerge. Then as you round the last bend there it is in all its glory! What a glorious sight when you see it for the first time. There's really no words because you want to just take in the visage.

I was so lucky to have seen the Gundam and take pictures of it. Looking back at these pictures is reminds me of that day. The sights, the smells, the feeling of being there. I hope I'm lucky enough to go back one day.