Petit Crossbone Beargguy


I'll be completely honest with you; I'm not happy with how this turned out.

I think that's very important to admit, that's why I put it in big bold letters. I cut corners and didn't show complete attention to detail, but I'm ok with that. I feel that's also important to admit. Not every project is going to be a masterpiece, and we all have to come to terms with that.

That being said, the Petit Crossbone Beargguy is made from kitbashing a Petit'gguy and an SD Crossbone Gundam.

The mohawk, V-fin, shoulders, backpack, gun, and saber have all been custom fit to the Petit'gguy. Additional panel lines have been scribed into the chest and mouthpiece to better replicate the look of the Crossbone Gundam.

The piece is entirely painted with Tamiya paints thinned with Mr. Leveling Thinner, and has been clear coated in Mr.Super Clear Gloss and Mr.Super Clear Matt. The decal is from the Crossbone X2 waterslide sheet.

Even though the Petit Crossbone Beargguy isn't my best work, he's still really cute and that's what I was going for. I hope you like it regardless!

You can see the Petit Crossbone Beargguy WIP gallery HERE.

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AMX-052 Ozymandias


GBWC 2017
2nd Place United States

This model started out as a MG Sinanju Stein ver. Ka and has been heavily modified and kitbashed with parts from the 1/100 and 1/144 Grimgerde, PG Wing Zero, 1/144 GN Arms, MG ZZ, and MG Gouf Custom.

The head started as the head of a MG Gouf Custom and was reshaped with Tamiya Quick Type Epoxy Putty. Styrene sheet and strip were added for details and the winglets are from the 1/144 Grimgerde.

The chest was reshaped with Tamiya Epoxy Putty, and plastic sheet. The cockpit hatch has been laminated with plastic sheet to give it more accentuated angles and detailed with plastic strip to form the borders. The eagle is a Kotobukiya MSG detail part.

The shoulders came from the 1/100 Grimgerde and were modified with the internal structure from the Stein's shoulders. The attachment arms are taken from the MG ZZ and were modified to fit in the new shoulder. They are holding additional shoulder armor that came from the PG Wing Zero. The inside of the additional shoulder armor has been detailed with styrene sheet.

The front skirts have been semi scratch built with some of the Stein's front skirts and built up with styrene sheet and strip. Side vents were sculpted into the styrene sheet using chisels.

The side skirts are originally the arm shields from the 1/100 Grimgerde and modified with the back of the Stein's side skirts. Additional detail was added.

The back skirts were almost all scratch build with the exception of the front piece which is from a MG Ground GM's front skirts.

The knee armor was heavily reshaped with Tamiya Epoxy Putty and plastic strip. The original was molded and then recast in resin to get two identical copies.

The back of the legs have added thrusters using parts from a MG Z+ and 1/100 HG Buster Gundam. Vented inserts were scratch built to fit into the new thrusters.

The bottom of the legs have been tapered down and modified with plastic sheet and strip.

The toe armor has been scratch built from plastic sheet and made to fit over the Stein's toe bottom. Many parts of the foot have been smooth for a more curvy look.

The backpack is made from the existing Stein back pack and parts from the 1/144 GN Arms and HGUC Gaplant. Double pivoting attachment arms were scratch built using plastic strip and tube.

The gun was completely scratch built using plastic sheet, strip, tube and metal detail parts.

The sword is a modified 1/100 Grimgerde's using plastic rod and tube to customize the look.

Many parts had their angles sanded smooth to give it a more curvy Zeon look. Most parts have custom panel lines scribed in as well.

Everything has been primed with Mr. Surfacer 1000 and painted with Mr. Color Paints. It was then glossed with Mr. Super Clear gloss and Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color was applied. Decals from Hi-Q and DL were used as well as custom printed decals.

The decals were glossed over for protection and the model was chipped using Tamiya acrylics and small pieces of sponge. Tamiya Weathering Master Oil Stain was applied to all surfaces to give it subtle color variance and to slightly accentuate the edges. The model was finally sprayed with Mr. Super Clear Matte.

Overall, I'm really happy with how the Ozymandias came out. I was originally not going to weather it, but after not getting it done in time for NYCC, I decided to go ahead and do it. The chipping may be a bit heavy, but I wanted it to look very battle tested and considering this is my first attempt at it, I can't really complain.

I truly hope you like the Ozymandias and if you feel others should see this please feel free to share it to your friends or groups!

Link to the full WIP gallery HERE.

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Gundam ver. Logic

Gundam ver. Logic (10).jpg

And the Gundam ver. Logic is DONE!

This was the very first Gundam ver. Logic based off of Josh Darrah's flawless design. I started this just after the episode of Gunpla Talk where we debuted the Logic.

This has been fully scratch built out of sheet styrene, tubes, thrusters from a MG Ex-S, and plastic and metal detail parts. The base was also fully scratch built out of sheet styrene. It measures approximately 50mm on all sides (minus the cannon and thrusters).

The Logic is held on to the base with embedded magnets in both the bottom of the Logic and the top of the base support. It can be easily taken off the base and maintains the perfectly clean design.

This has been fully painted with Tamiya acrylics thinned with Mr. Leveling Thinner. The decals are a mix of Hi-Q decals, Bandai decals, and custom printed decals. I hope you all like it. :)

You can see the entire Gundam ver. Logic WIP gallery HERE.

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Blue Destiny (Refurbished)

Blue Destiny Refurbished (18).jpg

I originally built the Blue Destiny back in 2004, but over the past few years pieces started to fall off and the paint started to flake off, so I decided to dismantle it and strip it, so I could refurbish and upgrade the model.

When I started the refurbish, I wanted to keep some of the details that made the original project successful to me, but I also wanted to bring it up to par with my latest works.

I started the upgrade mods with the shoulders. I notched out 1mm of resin off the top so I could add detail. I also added circular molds to the support bars. On the head I grafted front vents onto the cheek armor, as well as strip detail. Strip detail and extra panel lines were added to the front visor. An antenna, made from a watch spring bar, was added to the side of the head.

I removed 3mm of resin from the middle seam in the chest parts under the arms and added side and top detail made from styrene strip and sheet. I also added small details to the neck area. Metal details were added to both the top and bottom chest cannons. The torso was completely re-sculpted from the original resin piece and clad completely in styrene sheet. The piece was completely detailed with raised styrene and panel lines. The back of the piece also features a mechanical spine detail as well. Strapping detail and new panel lines were added to the arms as well as completely new wrist mounts for the hands. The original hands have been replaced with static pose Kotobukiya hands and the hand armor has been detailed with reinforced knuckles.

The skirts have added styrene sheet cladding and added panel lines. The back skirt features small metal details as well. The upper legs have been widened by 1mm each and brand new panel lines and latch details were added to each, as well as a new strapping on the front and back of the legs. The armor on the lower legs has been re-shaped in places for better fit and look. Styrene detail has been added to the knee and shin areas as well as the calf and outer side areas. The side thruster vents were semi-scratch built out of Kotobukiya vents and styrene sheet. The original feet were scrapped and replaced with stock plastic feet, then clad in plastic sheet. The backpack has added metal details on the sides and back and also features styrene detail and Kotobukiya details as well.

The muzzle of the gun was cut off and replaced with a new scratch built muzzle out of styrene tube and Kotobukiya round molds. Small strip details were also added each of the three magazines. The shield body was completely scratch built our of styrene sheet and strip. Kotobukiya parts and some salvaged parts from another shield were also added.

The entire piece has been primed with Mr. Surfacer 1000. The blue was the original blue that I used when I originally built the first version. All other colors are Mr. Color. The decals are a combination of custom made and Hi-Q decals. The last picture in this gallery shows a side-by-side comparison of both version of the Blue Destiny, so you can see all of the upgrades. I hope you enjoy it!

Link to the full WIP gallery HERE.

Link to the Original Blue Destiny gallery HERE.

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Petit Nu Beargguy

Petit Nu Beargguy - 02.jpg

The Petit Nu Beargguy is made from kitbashing a Petit'gguy and an SD Nu Gundam.

The mohawk, V-fin, shoulders, backpack, shield, and saber have all been custom fit to the Petit'gguy. Additional panel lines have been scribed into the chest and mouthpiece to better replicate the look of the Nu Gundam.

The piece is painted with a combination of Tamiya and Mr.Color paints and have been clear coated in Mr.Super Clear Gloss and Mr.Super Clear Matt. The decals from Bandai decal sheets and some were custom made.

Even though the Petit Nu Beargguy isn't competition worthy, he's still really cute and that's what I was going for. I hope you like it!

You can see the Petit Nu Beargguy WIP gallery HERE.

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Zeta+ C1 [BST] Hummingbird

Hummingbird - 002.jpg

GBWC 2016 North American Champion

The Hummingbird has been a labor of love for the past four years. It’s been my focus and my passion. It has changed and evolved many times over and gone through several different re-models. A wide array of skill sets has gone into making the Hummingbird as well as a wide variety of materials. There’s not a single piece on the model that hasn’t been modified in some way. Some pieces have added panel lines or modifications for better fitment, while other pieces have been extensively modified, or completely scratch built. An eclectic mix of kits has gone into making the Hummingbird as well.

Kit List:

Base Kit:

Additional Kits:

Some of the more advanced skill sets (beyond basic modelling) involved in creating this model includes:

  • Scratch building
  • Resin Casting
  • Vacu-forming
  • Heavy customization (Limb alteration, added detail with plastic sheet, metal details, etc.)

The model has been crafted in my own vision of what I think a more refined version of the proposed prototype Hummingbird might have been like, so it’s not 100% faithful to the Katoki line art.

Starting with the head, I elongated it by 2mm to give it a more “Sentinel” look. I cut the “Mohawk” off of the original head and scratch built a more fitting replacement that has added detail and is sleeker in profile. The head also features custom panel lines and plating. Metal details have been added to the back as well as metal barrels for the head mounted guns.

The shoulders have new, scratch built, mounting assemblies added to the top for the booster support arms and have added metal and scratch-built details. The booster support arms were completely scratch built and resin cast to get two copies.

The shoulder boosters, originally from the Master Grade Ex-S Gundam, have been heavily modified and remodeled. The inside has been plated with plastic sheet to achieve a heavily armored look. Option parts and scratch-built details were added as well. The sides feature added details down the side that were completely scratch-built. The front of each of the shoulder boosters has been detailed with option parts, metal details and more scratch-built detail. The original cannon barrels were scrapped and replaced with scratch-built barrels that are much longer. Aluminum thruster bells were also added.

The back-stabilizing binder has been significantly modified from its original version. I cut a rectangular hole in the top of the binder and scratch built the detail to fill the void. I also plated and detailed the side of the binder as well. The back boosters were scrapped and replaced with two resin cast copies from a scratch-built original. The thruster bells on the two back boosters are modified inflation needles (for inflating footballs). Each has custom panel lines and scratch-built details. The wings also have new panel lines, option parts, and metal details. The lower parts of the wings are from High Grade 1/00 Freedom Gundam and are fully detailed. The wing mounted fuel tanks were replaced with aftermarket fuel tanks that are longer and have been customized and detailed. The connectors for the fuel tanks were scratch built and resin cast for 4 duplicates for each side (8 in all) and the middle of the connectors are the threaded parts from inflation needles.

The upper chest has been heavily modified to add custom panel lines, plating, metal details and more scratch-built details. I’ve extended profile of the chest by using epoxy putty and plastic sheet. The cockpit hatch has been modified by adding panel lines and plastic accent strips. The chest vents have an added fin to the middle that was made out of plastic strip.

The upper torso (just below the chest) that used to be in two halves has been fused into one piece and features custom panel lines, plating, metal details, and scratch-built details.

The lower torso has been semi-scratch built and modified from the original Zeta+ lower torso to accommodate the fuel tanks and replicate the elongated look of the Hummingbird line art. The leg posts were cut from the Master Grade RGM-79G and installed on to the lower torso to match up to the new upper legs. Machine threaded inserts were embedded into the bottom posts of the lower torso to screw the fuel tanks into. The fuel tanks are completely scratch built using PVC pipe. I fixed a machine screw into the top of each fuel tank to screw into the threaded inserts located at the bottom of the lower torso. Plastic sheet, option parts and metal parts were added to complete the aesthetic. The lower torso armor located on the front of the piece is originally from the Master Grade Zeta 2.0 shield, and has been heavily modified on the outside and features new panel lines and scratch-built details. It was also extensively modified on the inside to mount to the existing connection points on the Master Grade Zeta+ torso.

The arms have been customized with new panel lines and plating that changes the overall silhouette. Mechanical details have been added to the top and bottom of each forearm. The stock hands have been swapped out for fixed posed hands and the hand armor has been customized to fit and detailed.

The upper legs are originally from the Master Grade RGM-79G and have been heavily plated for a unique look. The leg boosters have been significantly bulked up using plastic sheet to get the overall form and further refined to achieve the heavily armored look. Many details were added to the leg boosters on all sides. On the inside I’ve added option parts, metal details, parts from other models (including the large central vent that is from the Master Grade Full Armor ZZ Gundam), and other scratch-built details. Aluminum thruster bells were added to the boosters to complete the look. The connection for the thruster bells had to be scratch built and resin cast to make 8 copies. The large front “knee spike” was also fully scratch built and resin cast to get two identical pieces. The connection point where the knee and leg booster come together was scratch built and fully detailed.

The Hummingbird’s cannon/shield has added plating and custom panel lines as well as a completely remodeled Radome and support assembly that was taken from the Master Grade Ex-S Gundam. The support mechanism that connects the cannon/shield to the Beam Smart Gun below it was scratch built. The Beam Smart Gun has added plastic plating along with custom panel lines, option parts, and metal detail parts.

The base is completely scratch built. Its core is 3/4-inch Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) laminated with 1.5mm plastic sheet. I then heavily customized and detailed it to fit the styling of the Hummingbird. I hand cut all the lettering out of 1mm plastic sheet and the decorative plates and shield were laser engraved. The upper base is a sheet of clear acrylic that is supported by display sign stand-offs. The upper based details have all be completely scratch built out of styrene sheet. Option parts, metal detail parts, and other details were built up to complete the display. The support arm is square aluminum rod. I had to use that to support the weight of the model and to accommodate the length and angle of the fuel tanks.

The entire project was cleaned and then primed with Mr. Surfacer and painstakingly masked off and painted with Mr. Color and Alclad paints. Tamiya Panel Line Accent Color was used for the panel lines and the piece was sealed with Mr. Super Clear. Some of the decals were custom made on my ALPS MD-1300 printer. Most of the maintenance marks are aftermarket decals from Hi-Q.

Overall, I believe the model is an excellent example of how a wide range of skill sets, materials, and passion can go into creating something that has never actually been made into a production model. Hopefully my dedication and hard work are fully expressed when viewing the final project.

You can see the entire Hummingbird WIP gallery HERE.

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Nu Gundam Head 1/35

Nu Gundam Head - 014.jpg

This is another model that should have been on the old site but wasn’t.

This is the G-System 1/35 Nu Gundam Head Model (Original Version). After this version was released G-Sys revised the design of this model to be more angular with fewer curves around the back of the head. I like this version better because of the curves.

This is essentially a straight build with very little modification. The only change that I made to this piece was to add some detailing to the front cowl just in front of the neck. I added some plastic plate, a couple option parts, a green circular lens and some decals. The rest of it is original to the kit.

I think that this kit was outstanding out of the box, so I saw no need to complicate it by adding unnecessary detail. Sometimes less is more.

I wanted to do a bit of a modified paint scheme with this one so I added black to the side intakes and black on the hood just under the V-fin. I also painted the rest a light gray instead of the traditional white. To break up those two colors I painted the mechanics in a variety of metallic colors like silver, gunmetal, and copper. Around the back I painted the tubular mechanism in a black and yellow zebra stripe to convey importance and warning.

This piece is finished off with custom decals that I designed and printed myself.

Zeta+ Scorpion

Zeta+ Scorpion - 025.jpg

Ahh, the Zeta Plus. My favorite Mobile Suit. So sleek. So beautiful. So graceful. So deadly. What better model to customize than the Zeta Plus. I've got to say that this model was a labor of love. This thing is my pride and joy and I'm so proud of how it came out. I think this is like a father seeing his baby being born. (I don't have that experience yet.) But I digress.

This is the Zeta Plus: Project Scorpion. The prototype with the swept forward wing design. Increased maneuverability and firepower the Z+ Scorpion is very beautiful and very deadly. I always wondered what a Z+ would look like with swept forward wings, so I made one.

The head was the most modified part of this model. It was inspired Zplus Dominance from Model Graphix March 2002. I loved the look of the side intakes of that head so much that I had to replicate it. I covered the lower part of the original head in Magic Sculpt epoxy putty. When it was cured, I went to work grinding, filing, sanding and shaping until the finished result was what you see. This took a very long time the hardest part was to get the head symmetrical. From there I scribed some new panel lines and added some armor plates from sheet styrene. After the head was done, I made a two part mold and copied the head in resin (I want to use this head again). The resin head was lightly sanded and I added some WAVE C-Pipe for the head vulcans. I installed a Kotobukiya ball joint also.

The main body was left stock, except for some WAVE Z-verniers on the upper chest and some detailing on the upper collar behind the head.

The upper arms were a little puny in my opinion, so I bulked them up a bit with some epoxy putty, and shaped them down. The lower arms were detailed with some armor plates from sheet styrene. The hands and shoulders were left stock.

The side cannons have had a little cut from the front and the barrel has been replaced by 3mm tube with WAVE A-spring around it. The original muzzle was used.

The legs have limited poseability, so I chopped the legs at the knees to make them able to twist. It was a pretty easy mod and is fully explained in the Progress Shots. I added a Kotobukiya minus mold to the lower knee armor.

The feet were detailed with some sheet styrene and new panel lines were inscribed.

The wings were a bit of trouble when it came down to having them fold down when in mobile suit form. I tried just turning them backward on the rod already inside the wing, but that didn't work. So what I did was grind out the entire inside of the wings and make plastic guides for the wings to move in. I figured it out on paper first and then I cut the guides from 1mm sheet styrene. The guides are a U shape that will fit a 3mm rod. I glued the guides into the wings and sanded them down a bit so that the surface of each would be parallel to each other. The wings have a slight taper to them. Using a small piece of 3mm styrene rod and the poly cap already in the wing I tested the new wing mechanism and it worked. The actual wing had a small problem with being turned backward though. The panel lines and the shape of the wing was for a traditional wing configuration. The flaps and lights on the ends of the wings were now in the front of the wing, which look terrible. I coated the surface of each wing with thinned down epoxy putty and reshaped and re-scribed the panel lines so that they looked right. I was so happy. The most important part of the Z+ Scorpion was in place.

The shield was also heavily modified. I really didn't like the look of the A1 shield, so I tapered the nose to be a little more aerodynamic. I cut the two side mounts that hold the little wings and installed some cannons made from 3mm plastic rod. The top of the shield was completely scrapped and replaced with the outer part of the lower leg of the original Zeta model. Creative, eh? It actually fit pretty nicely. A little epoxy putty to blend the two pieces together and some shaping and the shield, some new panel lines and it was done.

The rifle is fully scratch built using 1mm sheet styrene stacked together to make the main body. Details were added using 1mm sheet styrene, WAVE and Kotobukiya bits. The barrels were made from 5mm styrene rod and brass rod was used to make the top handle. I wanted a unique weapon for my unique Z+ so I made this. The handle is on the side of the weapon, much like the Gouf Custom's shield gatling. It's big and that's what I wanted

The paint was hell. Utter hell. Tons of masking and such made this sucker the hardest model to paint. Most of the problem was probably me being so particular, but still it's a hard model to paint. The color scheme was somewhat inspired by the Z+ C1. There are two shades of gray, white and a dark red. It blends together nicely with a very menacing look.

The Project Scorpion decals was custom made and printed out on Micro Mark decal paper using my ALPS MD-1300.

And that's the story of how my Z+ Scorpion came to life. Overall, sweet model, sweet details, and killer mods make this my masterpiece.

You can see the entire WIP gallery HERE.

F-71 G-Cannon

F-71 G-Cannon - 022.jpg

Overall this is a fair kit at best. It's proportions are good and has very good poseability for a pre high grade. Yet is has one very major flaw and if you don't want to take the time and effort to fix it then this is not a kit for you. Why Bandai even went ahead with production on this model is still a question bouncing in my head. For those of you who have this kit, then you know about the head hitting the cannons problem. For those of you that don't have the ikt I will fill you in. The F-71, has the unfortunate problem of not being able to turn its head at all, for fear of hitting the cannons to either side. This required a great deal of work to fix as you will see.

The most important thing to do with this model was to space out the cannons so that the head would have a greater range of motion. To do this I cut the backpack supports off and built them back with plastic sheet. Since, in the original design, the backpack came over the shoulders and into grooves in, I had to fill these grooves with epoxy putty so that they would be flush with the rest of the shoulder. I then made the backpack come up over the newly formed shoulders. These new pieces are farther back on the shoulder than the original so that the head had a greater range of movement. In the original kit the cannons were secured to the backpack by peg to polly caps. This didn't look realistic and was not practical for my modifications, so I scratch built a base for the cannons and secured them with brass rod through the base and the bottom of each cannon. Now each cannon has an axis to elevate. I then made hydraulic supports for added realism. I used a thick aluminum rod and a hollowed out piece of sprue for the cannons hydraulics. Again fixed to the frame by the smaller brass rod for movement. I added Wave G-Tanks to both cannons, along with spare pieces from a helicopter model that I had. I then drilled holes along the length of the cannons on the top for ventilation. Thin yellow wiring was added to the backpack and attached to both cannons for realism. A thin Wave G-Tank was cut in half and fitted to the bottom of the backpack to give the MS more range and firepower. A rod frame was added around the G-Tank to give support.

The head was modified slightly. I filled the sensor hole in the forehead to give it more of a "classic" look. I then drilled holes for the guns in the head. The base of the back of the head was grinded down by 2mm to give the head the ability to look skyward. A ball joint was added to the neck to make this possible. I cut the peg off and fit a spare ball joint into the neck. Now the head can look up, down, and left and right without a problem.

The shoulders on the F-71 are very plain, with only a small vent on the sides of the shoulders. So what I did was grind down the vents and place a piece of plastic sheet in the gap at the bottom of the shoulders to fill it in. I then placed Wave vents onto the plastic sheet. I then added support bars to the top of the shoulders, which are 24 gauge wire.

The chest is pretty much stock other than the the two sets of sensors I added for a little more detail. The forearm guns are a nice added feature to this kit, but the only problem is that the housing is hollow on the underside, and when looking at the model from behind, you could see this. So I fill the housings with epoxy putty and sanded them flush.

The torso and skirt armor are all stock as well as the upper legs. The lover legs, where the knee joint is located was very open. You could see all the way through the leg down to the foot. So I cut a piece of plastic sheet and covered the opening. Now it looks solid. For added detail I took two pouches I found on some McFarlane Metal Gear Figures and put them onto the bottom of the leg. They look like personnel supplies. Again, for realism.

The feet are stock pieces with a lot of new panel lines etched into it. The feet were too plain. I also drilled small holes throughout the entire model to simulate rivets. I think it turned out nice.

As for the paint job. I went with the classic red guncannon colors, with the white head. I used the Max technique on the entire thing. I wanted a really subtle feel to the technique so I sprayed the red on quite heavily. After, I sprayed the model with a very light coat of black to get a really grimy, dirty look. After that I washed it with Pastel powder mixed with water, for a very flat and dirty paint job. I wanted to make it look like it's just returned from an urban assault mission and has been fighting in a city with crumbling streets and concrete. The Bull's head is my custom decal that is in the Decal section, but the emblem on the model was painted on. I cut a stencil and airbrushed it on.

Overall this kit is a little disappointing. With all the problems that this kit has, it's really more trouble than it's worth.