Blue Destiny (Refurbished)

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I originally built the Blue Destiny back in 2004, but over the past few years pieces started to fall off and the paint started to flake off, so I decided to dismantle it and strip it, so I could refurbish and upgrade the model.

When I started the refurbish, I wanted to keep some of the details that made the original project successful to me, but I also wanted to bring it up to par with my latest works.

I started the upgrade mods with the shoulders. I notched out 1mm of resin off the top so I could add detail. I also added circular molds to the support bars. On the head I grafted front vents onto the cheek armor, as well as strip detail. Strip detail and extra panel lines were added to the front visor. An antenna, made from a watch spring bar, was added to the side of the head.

I removed 3mm of resin from the middle seam in the chest parts under the arms and added side and top detail made from styrene strip and sheet. I also added small details to the neck area. Metal details were added to both the top and bottom chest cannons. The torso was completely re-sculpted from the original resin piece and clad completely in styrene sheet. The piece was completely detailed with raised styrene and panel lines. The back of the piece also features a mechanical spine detail as well. Strapping detail and new panel lines were added to the arms as well as completely new wrist mounts for the hands. The original hands have been replaced with static pose Kotobukiya hands and the hand armor has been detailed with reinforced knuckles.

The skirts have added styrene sheet cladding and added panel lines. The back skirt features small metal details as well. The upper legs have been widened by 1mm each and brand new panel lines and latch details were added to each, as well as a new strapping on the front and back of the legs. The armor on the lower legs has been re-shaped in places for better fit and look. Styrene detail has been added to the knee and shin areas as well as the calf and outer side areas. The side thruster vents were semi-scratch built out of Kotobukiya vents and styrene sheet. The original feet were scrapped and replaced with stock plastic feet, then clad in plastic sheet. The backpack has added metal details on the sides and back and also features styrene detail and Kotobukiya details as well.

The muzzle of the gun was cut off and replaced with a new scratch built muzzle out of styrene tube and Kotobukiya round molds. Small strip details were also added each of the three magazines. The shield body was completely scratch built our of styrene sheet and strip. Kotobukiya parts and some salvaged parts from another shield were also added.

The entire piece has been primed with Mr. Surfacer 1000. The blue was the original blue that I used when I originally built the first version. All other colors are Mr. Color. The decals are a combination of custom made and Hi-Q decals. The last picture in this gallery shows a side-by-side comparison of both version of the Blue Destiny, so you can see all of the upgrades. I hope you enjoy it!

Link to the full WIP gallery HERE.

Link to the Original Blue Destiny gallery HERE.

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