Petit Nu Beargguy

Petit Nu Beargguy - 02.jpg

The Petit Nu Beargguy is made from kitbashing a Petit'gguy and an SD Nu Gundam.

The mohawk, V-fin, shoulders, backpack, shield, and saber have all been custom fit to the Petit'gguy. Additional panel lines have been scribed into the chest and mouthpiece to better replicate the look of the Nu Gundam.

The piece is painted with a combination of Tamiya and Mr.Color paints and have been clear coated in Mr.Super Clear Gloss and Mr.Super Clear Matt. The decals from Bandai decal sheets and some were custom made.

Even though the Petit Nu Beargguy isn't competition worthy, he's still really cute and that's what I was going for. I hope you like it!

You can see the Petit Nu Beargguy WIP gallery HERE.

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